Friday, October 15, 2010

PoNS 2 : Men of Honor Ebook Now Available

I'm pleased to report that the long-awaited book two of the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series, Men of Honor, is now available in a variety of ebook formats. You can buy it from Kindle, iBookstore, AllRomance, 1Romance, Rainbow Ebooks, and many other ebooksellers.

PoNS 2 : Men of Honor was reviewed by Nan Hawthorne at All She Read at

"Men of Honor is fast paced, action packed and exciting. [...] There are lots of vividly drawn characters in this novel, just as there were in The Sallee Rovers. Tangle, Shakil, and Perry are here, and Captain Horner, the ailing Captain Bishop's replacement, is a welcome addition. Towards the end a new character, a recently blinded Lieutenant Abbey, promises to be a refreshingly resourceful disabled character in a genre prone to stereotypes." -- Nan Hawthorne

PoNS 2 : Men of Honor was reviewed by Alex Beecroft at Speak Its Name

"unquestionably better than the majority of m/m Age of Sail books I’ve been reading recently. M. Kei has a fine grip on his period and his sailing details, and has produced a book which can stand comparison with C. S. Forester’s Hornblower series." -- Alex Beecroft

An excerpt is available at

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