Saturday, October 15, 2011

PoNS Second Edition complete

Over the summer I revamped covers, corrected typos (no matter how you proofread, you always find one of the devils after you go to print), and switched to a better printer that publishes the books on better quality paper with better binding. The resulting books are a definite upgrade from the former printer. The second editions are on an orangish background. There are a few first editions lingering at, which will probably confuse anyone who searches for Pirates of the Narrow Seas, but the second editions are the way to pay if you're buying paperbacks.

Also note, that although the books are available through, the author receives more money if you shop direct from the printer:

PoNS 1 : The Sallee Rovers

PoNS 2 : Men of Honor

PoNS 3 : Iron Men

PoNS 4 : Heart of Oak

Thank you for your support. I love hearing from my readers.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Win a Free Copy of PoNS 3 : Iron Men

Jessewave reviews is offering a free book giveaway of Pirates of the Narrow Seas 3 : Iron Men. See the webpage above for details.

Happy reading.