Monday, February 15, 2010

Review: Pirates of the Narrow Seas 4.5 Stars by Alex Beecroft

"I highly recommend that you rush out and get this book."~Alex Beecroft

Today Speak Its Name, the website devoted to gay historical fiction, posted a review of Pirates of the Narrow Seas by M. Kei. The reviewer, Alex Beecroft, is well known for her own Age of Sail gay romances and is the author of False Colours, one of the best loved novels in the genre. She gives Pirates of the Narrow Seas 4.5 stars and calls it "nail-bitingly intense."

"[T]he story moved from the path, well-trodden by Forester and O’Brian, of adventures in the British Navy, and entered the realm of the Barbary corsairs [...] it becomes not only fascinating to find out that galleys have watertight bulkheads, but also vitally important for the story. The culture clash between Peter and Tangle was beautifully drawn and gripping—Peter simultaneously proving that he is an admirable, honourable man while learning to appreciate the Islamic way of doing many things, from daily washing to sail-handling [...] I loved the book. I enjoyed it immensely, and I thought it was a wonderful breath of fresh air that it concentrated on the culture of a maritime nation which normally gets cast as the baddies in AoS books."~Alex Beecroft

The complete review may be read at:

(Note: The reviewer worked from a proof copy. The typos mentioned were corrected before going to press.)

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