Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pirates of the Narrow Seas to be published as e-books

I have signed a contract with Bristlecone Pine Press to produce e-books of all three Pirates of the Narrow Seas. As a consequence of that agreement, I will be pulling PoNS 2 : Men of Honor and PoNS 3 : Iron Men. Pirates of the Narrow Seas, renamed Pirates of the Narrow Seas 1 : The Sallee Rovers will remain free online.

If you're reading the books free online, you will need to hurry up and finish! Or else buy the e-books. I plan to pull them tomorrow.



  1. Do you know when the e-books will be released?

  2. Target date is March 22. They should be available from Bristlecone Pine Press on that date. It will probably take up to six weeks to percolate through the system and be listed with Kindle, etc. PoNS 1 and 2 will be available right away, with PoNS 3 following along shortly thereafter.