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The Sea Leopard, a Pirates of the Narrow Seas Adventure, Available in paperback and ebook

15 October 2014 — Perryville, Maryland

Keibooks is pleased to announce that The Sea Leopard, the latest and last installment in the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series by M. Kei, is now available in trade paperback and e-book. In The Sea Leopard, we follow Isam Rais al-Tangueli, aka ‘Captain Tangle’ as he sets sails in his new xebec for gold and glory. Adventures season the bold corsair, and he learns that to be truly successful, he must respect and reward the successes of others. 

During a temporary peace with Spain, Isam Rais is cruising off the coast of the Kingdom of Sardinia when he encounters a Sardinian frigate. Eager to test the power of his new xebec, The Sea Leopard, he stalks the Sardinian through fog only to discover he has caught a Tartar. The tables turned, and the hunter becomes the hunted. Desperately making repairs, the Sea Leopard manages to stay one step ahead of her pursuers. 

Broke and in debt, Isam Rais accepts a dangerous commission from the Dey of the Sallee Republic to hunt down Muslim pirates disloyal to their country. Stalking the coast of Africa, Isam succeeds in finding the pirate hideout. He must battle the pirates and quell a mutiny to secure his prizes and turn over the evidence to the Dey. 

Meanwhile, Jamila bint Nakih, the daughter of a butcher, falls in love with the dashing corsair. Adopting a disguise, she embarks on a dangerous journey to win the hand of the man who is barely aware of her existence, only to bring down the fury of her family on her head. Will Isam marry her to save her reputation? Or will he be true to his love for the soldier Kateb?

The Sea Leopard is a complete story that can be read separately from Pirates of the Narrow Seas, or in conjunction with it. Those who already know the characters will be pleased to watch the the dashing Captain Tangle become a leader of men in challenging cirumcumstances. The adventure has all the hallmarks expected from Pirates of the Narrow Seas: diverse and engaging characters, storms at sea, desperate ship fights, hand-to-hand combat, captures, all told with authentic detail.

Praise for previous novels in the series:

Man in the Crescent Moon won an Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards category for best gay historical novel. 

“A true literary first: a gay seafaring novel that’s every bit as good with the ‘gay’ stuff as the ‘seafaring’ stuff [...] Pirates of the Narrow Seas has thrilling action sequences, complex, conflicted characters, and a healthy dose of contemporary realism.”—Steve Donoghue, Open Letter A Monthly Arts and Literature Review

“A swashbuckling tale full of colour, adventure and romance – a good read!”—Gerry Burnie, Gerry B’s Book Reviews

“an action-packed swashbuckler of the Captain Blood tradition”—Nan Hawthorne, That’s All She Read

“well rounded individual personalities which it is a joy to follow” and “Recommended Reading”—Astrodene’s Historic Naval Fiction

“Please, Mr. Kei, write us another.”—Candice E. Frook,

The Sallee Rovers, the first book in the series, won a Sweet Revolution Award in the category of “best full cast” and “Judge’s pick”, and also won a 4th/Honorable Mention from the Rainbow Awards in the category of “Best gay historical fiction.”

Available in trade paperback and ebook from: 

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Perryville, Maryland, USA

Buy the print edition at, or your favorite online retailer. 

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