Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rough Draft of Man in the Crescent Moon complete


I have completed the rough draft of Man in the Crescent Moon, A Pirates of the Narrow Seas Adventure. It features Captain Tangle as a young man, tall, gawky, and learning the ropes the hard way as he longs for fame and wealth as a Sallee rover. The rough draft of MitCM will remain free on Fictionpress.com until it appears in print this summer.

Note that it is a ROUGH draft; as in, has not been revised or proofread, and parts of it need work. Nonetheless, a few of my diehard fans have been following along and chafing at the delay in getting it finished. Actually, I'm right on schedule for finishing the draft... It's just that I started early on it, so when I had to put it aside to meet my other deadlines, there was a large gap in time until I was able to return to it and finish the draft.

No substantial changes will happen in revision; revision is where redundancies are smoothed out, descriptions are fleshed out, continuities errors are repaired, etc. (If you find a continuity error, feel free to point it out: Keibooks at gmail dot com.)

My thanks to my beta readers Joy, Chele, and Yancy for their support.


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