Sunday, July 8, 2012

M. Kei Interviewed by Our Story GLBTQ Historical Fiction

M. Kei, author of Pirates of the Narrow Seas, interviewed by Yancy Carpentier for Our Story GLBTQ Historical Fiction. He talks about his latest novel, a gay Asian sf/f tale called 'Fire Dragon,' as well as historical fiction, poetry, and what fiction can offer LGBT readers.

An excerpt from the interview:

The novel takes its name from the ‘Fire Dragon,’ who may or may not be real. It might be a new rogue Spirit, or it might simply be a superstition, or it might be the delusion of a deranged firefighter, or it might be an outright fraud to disguise acts of arson. Shuibai discovers a lot of arson fires set to cover up murder, terrorize the populace, and to destroy munitions belonging to rival forces, etc. No spoilers, so I will simply say, it’s near the end of the novel before we really find out what’s going on and the question of the Fire Dragon is resolved.

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