Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Novel : Fire Dragon

I am currently stumped in the middle of writing Man in the Crescent Moon, so I have set it aside for a while and worked on other things. In particular, fifteen years ago I wrote a novel that didn't quite gel. Pulling it out and re-reading it, I realized what was wrong and how to fix it, so I did. The novel is a gay Asian fantasy/science fiction story called Fire Dragon, and you can read it for free (for a while anyhow), as I post it to Fictionpress:

It concerns the struggles of a lowly bucket-maker named Shuibai who is unexpectedly appointed Fire Warden. He actually takes his job seriously, much to the surprise--and annoyance--of other people because he pokes his nose into other people's business. He discovers a conspiracy involving contraband guns and a plan to overthrow the government while falling in love with a crippled ex-firefighter.

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