Monday, September 5, 2011

Vixenne's review of The Sallee Rovers

"I literally devoured this seafaring adventure epic in one sitting and am in the middle of the second novel of the series." -- Vixenne

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Vixenne on Goodreads has just posted a review of The Sallee Rovers. It's a wonderful review, not just because she likes the book, but because she gives enough information for the reader to know what the books about and why she likes it, instead of just giving her opinion. She also a fan of nautical fiction, and it's especially gratifying to win the approval of somebody that is also a fan of Hornblower, Master and Commander, and other classics of the genre.

As an independent author, I don't expect to get rich (although I'd love it if I did! then I could do nothing but sail and write), I just want people to read and enjoy my stories. Fan feedback makes it all worth while.

On related notes, PoNS 3 : Iron Men ebook has started showing up in retail markets, so hopefully will appear on Kindle very soon. I have no idea when PoNS 4 : Heart of Oak will appear in ebook.

I have also started writing the next book: Man in the Crescent Moon, which can be read independently of Pirates of the Narrow Seas. It is the story of the most notorious of rovers, Captain Tangle. It will take me a long time to write it because it's a complicated thing to write someone's backstory, but just to give you a tease, it starts off with a gawky, sexually inexperienced, nineteen year old Isam al-Tangueli. An orphan, he sails with his uncle, Halim Rais of the Many Daughters. Halim Rais has been blessed by Allah with nineteen daughters, but no sons. He intends to make young Isam his heir, only to find out that he's gay . . .

If you ever wondered how Captain Tangle wound up as the man he is, Man in the Crescent Moon will tell the story. Sadly, I expect it will take at least a year to write it. I have barely started.


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