Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Ghost Ship Returns April 6 on National Geographic Channel

I'm pleased to report that the documentary, "The Ghost Ship Returns," about an intact 17th century wreck on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, will be aired on the National Geographic Channel on April 6 as part of their Expedition Week.

I mention it because I am a member of the crew of the Kalmar Nyckel, the ship that was cast to stand in for the doomed ship. The Kalmar Nyckel has an extremely authentic 17th century rig that is identical to the 'ghost ship.' I am not in the film--I was catching dock lines while they sailed away with the film crew.

I have seen two lectures, one by the producer of the documentary, Mr. Dixelius, and one by their technical advisor, Dr. Hocker, the Director of Research at the Vasa Museum, both of which were excellent, and had some footage and clips. The crew gets to see a sneak preview this afternoon, so I'll try to post a review. (No promises.)

Dr. Hocker let us know that our rig is so authentic they want to study wear marks on the Kalmar Nyckel as an aid to interpreting wear marks on the Vasa and other 17th century ship artifacts.


M. Kei

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