Monday, September 6, 2010

Timmynocky Hospitalized

Readers of this blog will remember Timmynocky the Sailor Cat. I regret to report he is in the pet hospital tonight. He had a urinary blockage that made him a very unhappy kitty. This is common in neutered male cats. He is improving and we will pick him up tomorrow morning. We leave Martha's Vineyard after collecting the cat, but there is a good chance we will be embayed by strong winds roaring right into Vineyard Haven. Square-riggers cannot sail into the wind.

Once we get out we will be cruising Long Island Sound so we can drop Timmy off with the captain's former nanny, who will deliver him to a volunteer in New Jersey, who will get him to the shipyard. This is because the vet doesn't want Timmy to go to sea in case of complications. He needs to be ashore with ready access to veterinary care.

Martha's Vineyard is not very interesting. I had hoped to find some sign of local history, but it's obliterated by rich people. I'm looking forward to Long Island Sound; we will be going through New York harbor. In a tall ship. Yes!

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