Friday, June 11, 2010

Nan Hawthorne Reviews The Sallee Rovers

Nan Hawthorne has posted a thoughtful and insightful review of The Sallee Rovers at her blog, All She Read,

"Imagine a novel about life on a tall ship during the age of corsairs, privateers, and pirates, written by someone who who has sailed as part of the crew on such a ship [...] The author, M. Kei, [...] has faced many of the challenges and dangers his characters have. The result is exciting, rich, captivating, and authentic. [...] I dearly hope readers will not ghettoize novels like The Sallee Rovers because the protagonist is gay. If they do, they, like certain men who will not read a novel or see a film about a woman, are erecting an artifical barrier to a ripping good yarn."

Read more at All She Read at the link above.

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  1. Wow, blogging at sea! Most people I know are at sea about blogging... It was a real delight to read your novel and I am glad I could share my thoughts about it on That's All She Read. Ahot there and har!