Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gay Nautical Novels on

Pirates of the Narrow Seas isn't in print yet, but soon, very soon, it will be. I know of a few other nautical novels featuring gay characters, so I made up a list at using their Listmania feature. Please note, I have not read all the novels on the list. The contents are variable. Some are erotica, some are 'breeeches rippers' (m/m equivalent of bodice rippers), some are . . . whatever it is that they are. The literary quality varies and degree of sexual explicitness also varies. Reader discretion is advised.

The list in no particular order is:

Pirates of the Narrow Seas, M. Kei
False Colours, Alex Beecroft
HMS Submission, Jack Gordon
Ransom, (Royal Navy 1), Lee Rowan
Winds of Change, (Royal Navy 2), Lee Rowan
Eye of the Storm, (Royal Navy 3), Lee Rowan
Fortunes of War, Mel Keegan
Spunky Sailor, Ken Smith
Aquamarine, Mel Keegan
The Deceivers, Mel Keegan
Storm Tide, Mel Keegan
Captain's Surrender, Alex Beecroft
Golden Boots, A. Jane
Following Tides, D. Bistrow
Azure Seas and Dragon Isles, Tygati
Mariner's Luck: Scarlet and the White Wolf, Kirby Crow


  1. Excellent list!

    May I suggest my Blog "Speak Its Name" where we have a long list of Age of Sail novels - and others.

  2. ps - let me know when PONS is out and I'll add it to the list.